what is yume nikki?

yume nikki (en: dream diary) is a surrealist exploration indie game developed by kikiyama. you play as a young shut-in named madotsuki, exploring her dream world and collecting "effects". it was released in 2005 and has since spurred a cult-like following. there is no official story, allowing fans to come up with rich theories surrounding the strange characters and environments.

the original game has not been updated since 2007, and kikiyama themselves has remained largely anonymous. however, in recent years a manga, light novel, and a 3D remastering have been released. there are also multiple fanmade games inspired by it. the impact of this little game is amazing!

i discovered the game during middle school. its ambiguity and surreal nature fascinated me for years. i can't help but feel sentimental for madotsuki because of how lonely she is. thank you yume nikki for everything!