welcome to my page for lesser known k-pop/j-pop girl groups and soloists! i love these ladies so much and i just want more ppl to know about them. pls enjoy and i hope u come to love them as well!!! will update with more when i feel like it


Genre: J-pop

an akihabara based idol group from Dear Stage. one of my favs! high-octane bops and super fun music videos to fuel your day! if happiness were a song it would sound like them. FUN FACT, one time they had a concert at anime expo and i didn't know about it. my boyfriend ended up getting free tickets by chance AFTER I LEFT and he got to see them live. without me. since then 2 of my favorite members left and i will forever have this hole in my heart.

current members: furukawa mirin, naruse eimi, aizawa risa, pinky, nemoto nagi, kaname rin

former members: owata akari (2008-2010), atobe miu (2010-2011), mogami moga (2011-2017), yumemi nemu (2009-2019).

fav song: 「STAR☆ットしちゃうぜ春だしね」

𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓷𝓮𝔀 𝓲𝓭𝓸𝓵 𝓼𝓸𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓽𝔂/𝓑𝓲𝓢

Genre: J-pop

not your average idol group. their whole thing is that they're alternative idols who say fuck you to idol group stereotypes. they're such a mess i love it. there have been like 29401 line up changes, 2 disbandments, and a spin-off group called brand new idol shit (real name). that being said they have a refreshingly edgy sound. kinda like babymetal if they were grown up and allowed to say fuck.

current members: ???? could not tell u honestly. the longest running member was Pour Lui but i think she left? maybe? they're currently scouting for the next generation last i heard. Toggy, Ito Musensiteebu, Manako Chiii Manako, Chant Monkee, Neo Trees. I fucking love these stage names

former members: hoo boy here we go
Rina Yokoyama (2011), Yukiko Nakayama (2011-2012), Yurika Wakisaka (2012-2013), Yufu Terashima (2012-2013), Rio Michibayashi (2012-2013), Nozomi Hirano (2011-2014), Tentenko (2013-2014), First Summer Uika (2013-2014), Megumi Koshouji (2013-2014), Pour Lui (oh damn she rly did leave 2011-2018)), Saki Kamiya (2013-2014), Momoland(2017-2019), Kika Front Frontale (2016-2019), Peri Ubu (2016-2019), Go Zeela (2016-2019), Pan Lunaleafy (2017-2019), Aya Eightprince (2017-2019), Mewclub (2018-2019), Toriaez Hana (2017-2019), Muropanako (2018-2019), Nel Nehru (2018-2019), Yuina Empire (2018-2019)

fav song: Eat It


Genre: k-pop

A Japanese solo artist active in Korea. She's so cute and her songs have a nostalgic city-pop vibe. She's a former member of the project group Real Girls Project from Idolmaster KR. Please give her a listen!!

Fav song: Neon


genre: j-pop/k-pop

Another solo artist! She's pretty new to the scene but holy heck is she talented. Only 16 years old and debuted both in Japan and Korea. She speaks 3 languages (Japanese, Korean, English) and has been singing n dancing for like ever. I'm in awe. Go listen to her now.

fav song: BEEP BEEP


genre: k-pop

a 5 member girl group that debuted in 2017. They haven't been getting much recognition since kpop is so crowded. Pls help me change this bc theyre so cute and talented.

current members: minki, hyeongseo, jisoo, chaeyeon, yeseo

former members: minjung (2017-2019), soyeon (2017).

fav song: pinky promise


a girl group that is also a rock band! their sound is so cool and harder than most of the groups on this list, which is an interesting contrast to their maid concept. every april fools they turn into band-maiko and sing in kyoto dialect and dress up as maiko. this was such a hit they turned it into a real sub-unit!

current members: kobata miku, saiki, toono kanami, hirose akane, MISA

fav song: secret MAIKO lips

𝓫𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 𝓲𝓭𝓵𝓮

a group made up of former members of BiS. they have a punk and retro image and i just think theyre really cute. one of the members (First Summer Uika) was my fav in BiS and you must all support her.

current members: first summer uika, hirano nozomi, momose momo, akira, pour lui

former members: yasui yuuhi (2015-2016)

fav song: "泣きそうサンデー"