7/18/20 late night late night

time: 10:48 pm
eating: had jajangmyeon for dinner
drinking: wawa
listening to: Girls in the Hood - Megan thee Stallion

just got out of the bath n im waiting for my hair to dry. today was, like all the other days these past few months, spent liesurely and uneventfully inside. i feel myself becoming more and more sluggish. i just want to sleep most of the time jhgkjdfgh but i need to NOT.

im still in a weird emotional state but i feel like thats all i end up writing about so i will not do that today. yes i will talk about other things. good.

lately ive been rly into watching artist alley and studio vlogs on youtube. my current favs are baylee jae and maracuyas art. their videos r such a soothing presence. i think its also bc i rly miss going to conventions and being dehydrated after walking for 4 hours straight in the la convention center (rip ax 2020). what i would give to be wading through a crowd of people in the hot la july T_T anyway i also rewatched avatar the last airbender on netflix. well more like just watched bc i didnt rly watch it when it aired as a kid. currently rewatching beastars bc its 2020 and we should just accept being furry adjacent.

tomorrow maybe i will start exercising again. maybe order some ramen for takeout. who knows.

honestly i dont know if i will ever get the hang of this journaling thing fkghdfkgh i almost never know what to write about or how to organize my thoughts. i miss the god complex ap english gave me back in high school. i was writing shit like nobodys business and ive been chasing that high ever since..

7/15/2020 new beginnings!

time: 6:13 pm
mood: at ease
eating: nothing
drinking: water
listening to: nothing

hello hello! you may have noticed the new diary layout. i've been mulling it over for the past few days and i have now decided it was time to revamp my diary's html. i wanted it to look like a little notebook. i know its been done but listen. it works. and i like it.

i've also decided to archive all my old entries since i didn't feel like reformatting all of them to the new layout. you can still find them all under the archive tab to the left. i'm pretty happy with how this looks. i can rest assured it wont look all wonky on different screen resolutions. the main reason i changed it up ws bc the previous layout looked absolutely WACK on bigger screens. i was mortified. i could not be bothered to fix it so here we are. I am using this template from foollovers as my base. saved me the headache of trying to figure out the html on my own OTL i know i should probably attempt it on my own so i can learn but;;; work smarter not harder u know!

anyways, recently i bought myself a new display tablet to replace my old wacom bamboo. it's an xp-pen artist 24 pro and it is big and beautiful. i use it as my main monitor now. i bought a wireless keyboard so now i dont even have to look at my laptop. pretty freakin poggers mate. cannot wait to do some major drawing on this bad boy *kisses it* thats all for now. good bye and take care!