2/23/2024 removed dead districts links lol

3/02/2023 fixed button codes lol finally

7/21/2020 uploaded new art

7/15/2020 revamped diary page layout and archived old entries. also wrote a new one

7/06/2020 new page! angelica's fashion diary now debuting! link to it can be found in the links directory!

7/05/2020 music on yume nikki page is now one song looping. misc edits throughout site. about page now has an actual photo of me. new custom font yeehaw

6/16/2020 updated art page. added some of my recent 3d work :)

3/22/2020 new diary entry, fixed formatting on button page

8/6/2019 new diary entry

8/5/2019 added idol.html. go look now.

8/3/2019 aboutme.html layout completely redone!

7/14/2019 say hello to egg tart

7/12/2019 updated button page layout

7/12/2019 posted new art :p

7/8/2019 new diary entry!

6/29/2019 finished /yumenikki.html...for now

6/29/2019 added more art to art page o3o

6/26/2019 added web materials page! it can be accessed from links in the menu bar

6/25/2019 added links page where i will house all the miscellaneous pages i will eventually make!

6/25/2019 added /larmekei.html, still under construction and haven't linked to it yet but yall can still check it out B)

6/22/2019 changed music player on diary page to soundcloud playlist. updated art page layout.

6/21/2019 finished interests page! link can be found in my about section. new diary ENTRY BABY

6/19/2019 added an internal art page. u can still reach my portfolio site thru a link in it

6/18/2019 added to do list. new diary entry =3=

6/17/2019 after much sweating and cursing, i added a lace table to the home page. had to get rid of cloudshroom in the process bc the code was just not getting along :( there has got to be an easier way to do this...also i changed the update table AGAIN bc i am indecisive.

6/17/2019 finished about page (for now!) added some decorative font to page headings

6/17/2019 started revamping about page. will finish when i wake up uwu

6/16/2019 updated layout of diary page, moved music player to there.

6/16/2019 changed layout of home page :3 added cloudshroom buddy, music player

6/15/2019 hello AGAIN i made a new header hope u like it. i used paint 3d its really fun

6/15/2019 hello im back once again. i have added a button page along with embed codes for my buttons should u feel so inclined. will now go search for other peoples buttons. thats all.

6/15/2019 this is the beginning of the update log! i have updated links and added some custom graphics. the chatbox has been replaced by a guestbook. it took me 1 hour to realize that people were linking to an external guestbook and not hosting them on neocities. go me! there is also a new diary entry. art button links to my carrd.co site. i will probably remake my art page. it is nearly 1 am. goodnight!